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For your convenience we also accept FSA/HSA & NYS No-Fault Insurance* 
Please call in advance to schedule with
NYS No-Fault Insurance.

(*With prior authorization as required: Only at
D'vine Serenity Wellness)



At D’vine Serenity Wellness we understand that unplanned events occasionally occur in life. We do desire to be fair to all of our clients, therefore out of consideration for our therapists’ time, as well as our client’s, please be aware of the following policies:

* A more than 24-hour advance notice is required when canceling an appointment. This allows someone else the opportunity to avail themselves of our services.

* If you are unable to give us the minimum 24-hours advance notice, you will be charged the full amount of the treatment fee.

* If your appointment is part of a membership, series, or package purchased, then your session will be deducted from any remaining services.

* If you reserved with a Gift Certificate, your appointment will be considered paid and the Gift Certificate will no longer be valid; otherwise, any fees must be paid in full prior to your next treatment.





* Should you miss your appointment and you do not call to cancel as per our 24 hour policy above, you will be considered a “no-show”. There will be a charge for any “missed” appointment, and future service will be denied until your balance is paid in full.




* If you arrive within the first 15 minutes of your appointment, please understand that your late arrival will require that we end the session at the scheduled time, which means your session will unfortunately be shorter. However, you are still responsible for the full amount of the session scheduled as your appointment time has been reserved for you and there are other clients scheduled after your time. Late arrivals of more than 15 minutes past your scheduled time will result in a "No Show" and you will have to reschedule. Please see above for our "No Show" policy.



Please note that all of the above still applies if you are being seen under NYS No-Fault Insurance. You will still be responsible for Payment of service according to the above policies.

Please be respectful and considerate to your therapist and our other clients and plan accordingly in order to be on time. We ask that you arrive at least 5-10mins prior to your scheduled appointment time and call to inform me of your arrival before coming in. Thank you for your understanding. 

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